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Three phase diffusion welding machine "leading fashion life Create the brilliant fashion"

Time:2015-2-7 Click:1273次

Three phase diffusion welding machine is a new generation of diffusion welding machine, conduction band soft connection device, three phase diffusion welding machine mainly consists of two parts, host and control, which can realize high polymer material between the diffusion welding.
Three phase diffusion welding machine is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, smelting, etc, the main production industry in urgent need of bus bar slip joint and soft connection conduction band product, can realize soft bus, soft hard busbar and busbar, hard bus between the diffusion welding. The device structure is reasonable, simple operation, use safety, energy saving (three phase diffusion welding, http://www.ntdphj.cn/products-detail.asp?cpid=78).

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