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Desktop spot welder "resource sharing Shared growth"

Time:2015-2-8 Click:1484次

1, the welding time: desktop spot welding in the welding of low carbon steel, this machine can use strong specifications welding method (instantaneous power) or weak specification method (electricity). In mass production should be used when strong specifications welding method, it can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce the workpiece deformation.
2, welding current, desktop spot welder welding current is determined by the size, thickness and the contact surface of the weldment. Usually metallic conductivity is higher, the greater the electrode pressure, welding time should be shorter. At this point the current density is increased.

3, electrode pressure, pressure on the desktop spot welding electrical pole butt welding parts, the purpose is to reduce the contact resistance of solder joint in, and to ensure that the pressure needed for solder joints form (desktop spot welder) http://www.ntdphj.cn/products-detail.asp?cpid=34.

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