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Guangdong soft connection device "running Asia to the whole earth,"

Time:2015-2-8 Click:1400次

Guangdong soft connection device functionality
Guangdong soft connection device specifically designed for need riveting processing wire, fast speed, good quality. By various security specification testing (UL, JIS), the most simple and effective way.
Guangdong soft connection device is made of special material for continuous copper strip terminals after cutting, molding, pressure, once completed, quickly and without waste production, cost savings.

Guangdong soft connection device specially grain processing, strong resistance to tension, after the riveting, stable quality. Equipped with straight/bend mold base for connection with different products. Humanized design, easy to operate, does not need training may at any time (guangdong soft connection device, http://www.ntdphj.cn/products-detail.asp?cpid=84).

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