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"Excellent craft of welding spot welding machine Build perfect"

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The principle of welding spot welding
For welding spot welding machine is a kind of don't need any additives and electric energy, it is made of metal wire via special mold, under the certain extrusion, the pure metal lattice of mixed pressure combined with each other, realize the molecular atomic structure, the connection principle of various rare alloy wire is welding cold welding equipment.
The welding spot welder USES
The welding spot welding machine is a kind of don't need a electric welding equipment and welding flux. It is mainly used for the connection between the non-ferrous metal wire and its profile, in addition to aluminum and copper, nickel, gold, silver and platinum metals can be welded (for welding spot welder) http://www.ntdphj.cn/products-detail.asp?cpid=76.

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