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Non-mark spot welding machine

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Non-mark spot welding machine

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& does relevant recommendations: stainless steel non-mark spot welder non-mark spot welding machine is nantong east peng welding equipment co., LTD. The main business of the company was founded in 1991, the main communication spot welder, seam welder, capacitor stored energy spot welding machine, three phase secondary rectifying spot welding machine, intermediate frequency inverter dc spot welding, flash butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, copper aluminum transition special flash butt welding machine, soft connection is special polymer diffusion welding equipment, design various non-standard pneumatic, hydraulic power special welding machine, etc.

Detailed information non-mark spot welding machine
Brand: east peng
Model: SC - 1200
Non-mark spot welder spectrum: intermediate frequency
Control mode: automatic
Welding methods: energy storage type
Drive form: pneumatic
Dynamic forms: high frequency
Non-mark spot welder welding principle: butt welding
Function: metal
Action principle: pulse
Current: direct current
Non-mark spot welder USES: energy storage
Style: vertical
Machining precision, precision
The rated capacity: 6 (KVA)
Biggest welding thickness: 2 + 2 (mm)

The working principle of non-mark spot welding machine
Non-mark spot welder welding process for open cooling water; Will clean on the surface of the welding, assembly accuracy, into, between the upper and lower electrode pressure, make its good contact; Electricity makes the workpiece contact surface is heated, partial melting, forming molten nuclear; Keep pressure, when the power to make molten nuclear cooling solidification solder joints under pressure; Remove the stress, remove the artifacts. Welding current, electrode pressure, current time and working electrode surface size of welding process parameters on the welding quality has a significant impact.
Non-mark spot welder USES positive and negative poles in instantaneous short circuit which is caused by high temperature arc to melt the solder on the welding electrode and welding materials, to achieve the purpose of make them combine. The structure of the electric welding machine is very simple, namely a large power transformer, the 220 v alternating current into a low voltage, high current power source, is a dc can also can be communication. Arc welding transformer has its own characteristics, that is, has the characteristics of voltage drop sharply.

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