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Hanging spot welding machine

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Hanging spot welding machine


& does relevant recommendations: direct hanging spot welding  hanging spot welding machine is nantong east peng welding equipment co., LTD. The main business of the company was founded in 1991, the main communication spot welder, seam welder, capacitor stored energy spot welding machine, three phase secondary rectifying spot welding machine, intermediate frequency inverter dc spot welding, flash butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, copper aluminum transition special flash butt welding machine, soft connection is special polymer diffusion welding equipment, design various non-standard pneumatic, hydraulic power special welding machine, etc.

Details of hanging spot welding machine
Brand: east peng
Suspension point welding machine models: TCW33
Spectrum: intermediate frequency
Control mode: automatic
Welding methods: pressure type
Suspension point welding machine drive form: automatically
Dynamic forms: high frequency
Welding principle: butt welding
Function: metal
Action principle: pulse
Hanging spot welding mechanical and electrical flow: communication
Purpose: welding
Style: hanging
Machining precision, precision
Nominal capacity: 25-40 (KVA)
Biggest welding thickness: 3 + 3 (mm)
Hanging spot welding machining customize: it is

The function of the suspension point welding machine introduction
1, the control mode: the controller parameter Settings can choose constant current, constant voltage or constant heat control mode.
2, the storage and switch of the welding specification: the controller can be set up eight programming area, each area can save four welding specification. One standard 1, 2, control the electrode holder, including specification control electrode holder, 3, 4, by the corresponding switch to choose.
3, input and output: the controller can connect two start switch, control two electrode holder, respectively
4, can be set preheating current, current, welding current and tempering can effectively solve the welding splash during and after the welding workpiece quenching problem. Three discharge pulse can be used alone or in any combination.
5, with current slow rise/slow down function: use gently splash function can be avoided during welding, satisfies the requirement of special welding materials.
6, auto repair welding function: in the process of welding, the controller is detected when the welding current is not constant value has not been achieved automatic repair welding time, if the repair welding current is still too small a "small welding current" instructions.
7, fault diagnosis and automatic protection function: in the process of work, the controller, such as abnormal condition is detected, will automatically shut down output and helpful hints.
8, LCD programmer: Chinese display, easy to operate, can be unified management of the welding parameters, prevent the non-professional workers wrong operation.
9, the optional power divider, can realize the three-phase power supply power distribution, load power control at maximum allowable range, can effectively improve the utilization rate of power supply.

Product display of hanging spot welding machine

Our products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric tools, garden machinery, electronic products, daily hardware, and many other industries. After 20 years of reform, innovation has become the north jiangsu is professional production of resistance welding machine manufacturer, producing all kinds of resistance welding machine 1500 units (sets), the company has 250 kva large-capacity welding laboratory, can for the following 3 * 100 kva power welding machine welding ability performance tests, company sample room equipped with all kinds of welding machine, for customers to sample test welding, welding products proofing. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the principle of "customer first, continuous innovation", we will do our best to provide the excellent products for the general customers, the best quality service. Welcome new and old customers coming patrons!

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