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Copper spot welder

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Copper spot welder


& does relevant recommendations: manufacturers selling copper copper spot welder spot welder is nantong east peng welding equipment co., LTD. The main business of the company was founded in 1991, the main communication spot welder, seam welder, capacitor stored energy spot welding machine, three phase secondary rectifying spot welding machine, intermediate frequency inverter dc spot welding, flash butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, copper aluminum transition special flash butt welding machine, soft connection is special polymer diffusion welding equipment, design various non-standard pneumatic, hydraulic power special welding machine, etc.

Copper spot welding machine details
Copper spot welder brands: lens
Model: SMD40-600
Spectrum: intermediate frequency
Control mode: automatic
Welding methods: pressure type
Copper spot welding machine drive form: pneumatic
Dynamic forms: high frequency
Welding principle: butt welding
Function: metal
Action principle: inverter
Copper wire welding mechanical and electrical flow: dc
Purpose: welding
Style: a portable
Copper wire welding machining precision, precision
Rated capacity: 75-75 (KVA)
Processing custom:

The characteristics of the copper wire spot welding
Taken the copper spot welder secondary for dc circuit, impedance can be ignored. When the same output current, power factor of the welding machine is greatly increased, up to 0.8-0.9; Apparent power needed for this machine is only 1/3 of the ordinary welder apparent power - 1/5, small impact to power grid.
Taken the dc heating, avoids when an alternating current amplitude caused by the cooling heat loss, and prevent the splash of peak current is too large to generate, direct current flow through strong magnetic metal cluster effect generated by make solder joint shape is good, strong penetrating power, multi-layer steel plate welding and the quality is good.
Taken the copper spot welding machine without alternating between substation magnetic poles arm, electrode pressure stability.
Taken the three-phase equilibrium does not affect the power grid, has the remarkable energy saving effect.
Painted in addition to the ordinary materials to welding, the multi-layer steel plate and more than 4 mm + 4 mm welding of aluminum and its alloys, the effect is very good.
U copper spot welding machine, widely used in addition to welding of low carbon steel, coated steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy outer enough, can also be welded titanium, niobium, zirconium, tantalum and other rare metals and multi-layer steel plate.

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