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Pneumatic flash butt welding machine

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Pneumatic flash butt welding machine

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& does relevant recommendations: pneumatic pneumatic flash butt welder flash butt welding machine price is nantong east peng welding equipment co., LTD. The main business of the company was founded in 1991, the main communication spot welder, seam welder, capacitor stored energy spot welding machine, three phase secondary rectifying spot welding machine, intermediate frequency inverter dc spot welding, flash butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, copper aluminum transition special flash butt welding machine, soft connection is special polymer diffusion welding equipment, design various non-standard pneumatic, hydraulic power special welding machine, etc.

Pneumatic flash butt welding machine details
Brand: east peng
Model: butt welding machine
Current: ac
Pneumatic flash butt welding machine function object: metal
Welding principle: butt welding
Drive form: pneumatic
Product alias: butt welding machine
Pneumatic flash butt welding machine use: welding
Action principle: pulse

The relevant technology of the pneumatic flash butt welding machine
1) programmed lower voltage flash butt welding characteristics of this kind of welding method, flash beginning with high secondary no-load voltage, for creating flash after the end temperature rise, again with low voltage flash, and the flash rate unchanged, in order to improve the thermal efficiency. Near the upsetting, to improve the secondary voltage, make flash, in order to increase the protection.
SPC lower voltage flash butt welding compared with preheating flash butt welding, welding time is short, low required power and heating uniformity, etc.
2) pulse flash butt welding characteristics of this welding method is, in the moving clamp to the trip, through the hydraulic vibration equipment, and superposition of a reciprocating vibration, the amplitude of 0.25-1.2 mm, adjustable frequency is 3-35 hz evenly. Due to vibration welding transverse alternating short circuit and open, resulting in a pulse flash.
Pulse flash butt welding compared with ordinary flash butt welding, because there is no spontaneous lintel blasting, the splash of small particles, shallow crater, thus can improve the thermal efficiency more than doubled, upsetting allowance can be reduced to 2/3-1/2.
The above two methods mainly to meet the needs of large cross section workpiece flash butt welding.
3) rectangular wave flash butt welding the weld method compared with ac power frequency sine wave flash butt welding, can significantly improve the stability of the flash. Because the sine wave power supply when the voltage is close to zero, will make the flash moment break, and the rectangular wave flash can evenly throughout the cycle. Has nothing to do with the voltage phase.
Square wave power supply unit time flashes of 30% higher than that of power frequency ac, splashes of fine metal particles, and shallow crater, high thermal efficiency. Rectangular wave frequency can be adjusted within the scope of 30-180 hz. This method is used to more continuous flash butt welding sheet and aluminum alloy wheels.

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