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Steel butt welding machine

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Steel butt welding machine

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& does relevant recommendations: steel butt welding machine, manufacturers selling steel butt welder is nantong east peng welding equipment co., LTD. The main business of the company was founded in 1991, the main communication spot welder, seam welder, capacitor stored energy spot welding machine, three phase secondary rectifying spot welding machine, intermediate frequency inverter dc spot welding, flash butt welding machine, gantry welding machine, copper aluminum transition special flash butt welding machine, soft connection is special polymer diffusion welding equipment, design various non-standard pneumatic, hydraulic power special welding machine, etc.

Detailed information on steel butt welding machine
Brand: east peng
Model: the UN -
Current: ac
Function: metal
Welding principle: butt welding
Drive form: pneumatic
Product alias: butt welding machine
Purpose: welding
Action principle: pulse

The technical data of the steel butt welding machine

Steel for the structure and working principle of welding machine
1, structural steel welding electrode is mainly composed of welding transformer, left or right electrode, ac contactor, conveying mechanism and control components, etc.
Conveying mechanism is needed to realize the welding process of melting and the extrusion process, it mainly includes the tank dry, sliding plate and screw. When the joystick in two levels of the limit of mobile location, the maximum working electrodes can be obtained.
Control element of the control program is: contactor button, turn on the relay, make the ac contactor, so the welding transformer is connected. Move a joystick makes the welding pressure and electric heating.
2, working principle. Reinforced butt welder electrode respectively in a fixed plate and the sliding plate, sliding plate can move along the guide rail on the fuselage, the current through the transformer secondary coil to the electrode, when the driving pressure mechanism makes the steel bar end contact together, after a short circuit heat resistance, heat steel end, when heated to high plasticity, and strength, make the two end reach firm butt.

The steel butt welding machine products display

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